GameFly is the platform which offers you access to the leading console such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s games. Besides these leading console games, you can also get access to the old version’s games through GameFly Free Trial. In short, it is a game and movie rental service just like Netflix but Netflix only offers movies, not games.

Though, it allows renting all the latest games to play at a very low cost. By doing this, you’ll not have to pay much for your favorite games. Moreover, you can also rent out latest and old movies at a very low price in excellent video quality.

Gamefly Free Trial Review

If you play games on a regular basis but get done with paying a lot, then Gamefly is the best opportunity for you. You can rent out the games and beat them. If you get tired playing the same game then you can give it back and rent out a new one. However, GameFly is the best and cheaper option than buying games every month.

You want to check this excellent platform then try Gamefly Free Trial for beneficial services of it. Sign up this to enjoy the services of Gamefly Free Trial.

Play games or watch movies as much as you can during this Gamefly Free 30 days trial.

How does Gamefly work?

Create your rental account after activating your 30-day free trial. You’ll get access to the hundreds of games and movies right away. “My GameQ” is the section where you can add your required game or movie.

After adding, Gamefly will ship your required item to you automatically. You can keep these as long as you want to keep. After getting done, send back game/movie by using free prepaid shipping mailer. Once Gamefly received back game/movie they will ship your next available required query from checking you ‘My GameQ’.

You need to order your queue according to your priority. The item on the top of the list will be shipped first.

There is an option for keeping item forever by buying it on the special discounted price. All this process will not take too long. However, Gamefly offers quick customer’s services.

Gamefly Offers Plans:

After activating your 30 days free trial, you’ll get two plans. First one offers 1 game or movie rental at a time for 15.95$ per month. The second one offers 2 games or movies for 22.95$ per month. There are other offers after completing your 30 days free trial.

Three months of membership plans:

If you take membership for 3 months then you can get a discount for this.

  • 1 game or movie at a time for 9.50 per month for 3 months.
  • 2 games or movies at a time for $13.50 per month for 3 months.

Pros of Gamefly:

  • Save money by renting games and movies instead of buying.
  • Variety of games and movies including the latest releases.
  • Leading and older versions of console games.
  • Option for keeping the game and movie as long as you want.
  • Purchase game at a discounted price.

How to cancel your membership?

You can also cancel or pause your membership by logging into your account and click on ‘cancel my membership’. Or you can call the customer care center and ask them to cancel membership.

Before canceling, make sure that you have returned all your games and movies in order to keep yourself safe from any fine.

Allowed Countries: United States Only.

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