Nutrisystem Freshstart

Nutrisystem is a famous weight-loss program dependent on the delivery of nutritionally balanced, pre-portioned meals to your doorstep. If you’re thinking about joining, you better need to know their new Nutrisystem FreshStart program. This is key to the success of the whole program.

What is Nutrisystem FreshStart?

Essentially, Nutrisystem FreshStart is an exceptionally planned, kick-off diet program. It can also enable you to get super-fast weight reduction results.

The historical backdrop of weight loss is littered with failed “yo-yo” diets. It authenticates that the procedure of maintaining weight reduction is more of a regular jog than a sprint.

How the FreshStart Works

The way it works is that if you get any Nutrisystem monthly plan through the official site here, you’ll get FreshStart included consequently. You won’t need to pay extra for it.

You’ll do the FreshStart Nutrisystem plan for your first week and after that proceed onward to your regular Nutrisystem meal plan and day-by-day tracker for the following 3 weeks.

How much weight FreshStart week will help you lose?

If you utilize the FreshStart week, you can
lose as much as 13 pounds and 7 inches by and large in your first month.

Nutrisystem has added probiotics to the
FreshStart shakes-which have been proven to help your digestive health.
Moreover, it also keeps your gut bacteria balanced and can even flatten your

Water plays a very important role in weight-reduction

It’s also significant that you drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. It might accelerate your weight reduction. Moreover, it likewise helps your body get rid of toxins, and keep you hydrated.

Benefits and Results

One of the essential advantages of the
Nutrisystem FreshStart diet is that it centers on a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Exercise is encouraged, even though it’s not compulsory. Dieters are advocated
to get enough quality sleep. Also, the suppers are delivered ready to heat and

It’s also simpler to adhere to the dietary eating plan because there’s no counting of calories, carbs, or points – simply heat and eat.    

Benefits of Exercise during Program

Taking exercise moderately, while following the Nutrisystem FreshStart program, plays a vital role in achieving your goal. Exercise taken regularly and moderately keeps you extra fit. It also helps the FreshStart work on your system in a more influencing way. You will lose your extra weight more rapidly with exercise as compared to without exercise. Moreover, you will become more regular and punctual in your life if you do take exercise with your FreshStart program.    

Does Nutrisystem FreshStart Really Work?

Like any diet plan, the level of accomplishment
of the Nutrisystem FreshStart program will rely upon the commitment of the
weight dieter. Of the people who have clung to the plan, including the
first-week routine, many have professed to see favorable outcomes over they had
hoped for.

The Nutrisystem FreshStart is even more of a
lifestyle change than a diet. Statistically, diets that included behavioral
support, as indicated by were more powerful than those without it.

Diets aren’t intended to keep going forever – they’re a momentary fix for an issue. When you change your lifestyle and dietary habits, you won’t require sporadic diets to help with weight reduction. You’ll lose to a healthy weight and then look after it. FreshStart’s access to weight-loss guides and dietitians is a plus in accomplishing this objective.

Nutrisystem Plans That Include FreshStart Week

The best and most far-reaching program, Nutrisystem FreshStart, securely and successfully kicks off your weight reduction and your healthy lifestyle. You get the chance to browse a determination of impeccably balanced 4-week meal plans. It is also designed to put your body in fat-burning mode. To help fuel quick outcomes, most plans start with a FreshStart Week. This incorporates:

  • 7 days of breakfasts, snacks, suppers, and tidbits, specially selected to kick off your weight-loss.
  • 7 delectable FreshStart shakes: Delicious protein-loaded shakes with probiotics to help shrivel your tummy and chromium to consume fat.
  • Numi App: one-touch access to weight loss challenges

To follow your weight loss on-the-go,
download “NuMi”—this free app highlights one-touch access to weight
reduction challenges, valuable prizes and more.

Does FreshStart Help In weight loss?

This, obviously, will likewise rely upon how
intently you follow the diet, your age, gender, activity level and so on.

Following the diet strictly – including doing the FreshStart week– will give you the speedy weight reduction results possible.

Healthy Food

If you’ve shopped around for different diet
delivery programs, you’ll realize that those are preferable outcomes you get
with plenty of diets on the market today. These dietary programs help to reduce
2 pounds per week comfortably.

Nutrisystem FreshStart is famous for its quick result

Seeing yourself getting in shape that quick
is the best inspiration to continue onward and arrive at your final goal. This
is one reason I think Nutrisystem FreshStart is so well known – because people
get results so quick on this plan.

What is Included and Its Cost?

The cost is $272–369 every month for women
and $309–406 every month for men, contingent upon your plan choice.

To compute the expense of Nutrisystem FreshStart, we’ll have to include your plan choice, supplemental food, and discretionary additional items together to assess the total cost day, week, and month.

Nutrisystem plans that include FreshStart are ideal

Nutrisystem FreshStart has four plan levels for ladies and men to browse, like Nutrisystem D plans for diabetics, and a vegan plan. These plans are similar, but you’ll pay more for expanded menu variety, incorporating frozen foods in Uniquely Yours plans.

Nutrisystem Freshstart

Women’s Pricing:

Here are the current costs of Nutrisystem
FreshStart for women with their 40% off promotion applied:

  • Basic: $9.72/day, $62.84/week, $272.30/mo.
  • Core: $10.55/day, $68.16/week, $295.37/mo.
  • Uniquely Yours: $11.87/day, $76.68/week, $332.30/mo.
  • Uniquely your Plus: $13.19/day, $83.08/week, and $369.22/mo.
  • Vegetarian: $11.87/day, $76.68/week, $332.30/mo.

Note: Nutrisystem D incorporates a special selection of food for those with Type 2 Diabetes. It is also accessible as Core and Uniquely Yours at a similar cost as the standard plans.

Men’s Pricing:

Here are the most recent costs of Nutrisystem
FreshStart for Men plans with their 40% off promotion applied:

  • Basic Men: $11.04/day, $71.36/week, $309.22/mo.
  • Core for Men: $11.87/day. $76.68/week, $332.30/mo.
  • Uniquely Yours: $13.19/day, $85.20/week, $369.22/mo.
  • Uniquely your Plus Men: $14.51/day, $93.72/week, $406.15/mo.
  • Vegetarian for Men: $13.19/day, $83.07/week, $369.22/mo.

Note: Nutrisystem D for Men offers
exceptionally chosen food for men with diabetes. They offer both a Core and
Uniquely Yours “D” plan alternatives at a similar cost as the regular

Presently, we should take a gander at the
extra costs of being on Nutrisystem that are excluded from the advertised cost.

Cost of supplemental foods

Although Nutrisystem’s prepared foods are expensive, you’ll also need to purchase extra food. These may also include groceries and 4 weekly “flex meals” at home or eating out. This is what you need to look forward to spending on extra food:

Cost of groceries

  • Supplemental groceries: Nutrisystem asks you to supplement their meals with SmartCarbs and PowerFuels. These will also cost you about $5 every day
  • Home cooking: You’ll likewise need to represent groceries required for any home-cooked Flex meals, which cost about $4.00 per dinner.

Café Food

If you comfortably choose to Flex Meals at restaurants your flex meals at cafés, it will also cost you more. The normal dinner outside the home expenses about $12.75 each, even though you could positively spend much more.

A la carte Food

You can also include extra la carte food to any order, including snacks, shakes, and frozen food. However, if you are purchasing frozen food, you’ll need to pay a $9+ delivery expense except if you spend $75+, where you get free shipping.

Because this is a discretionary cost, we
won’t add it to the cost aggregate.

Discretionary Extras: (Shakes, Vitamins, etc.)

During the checkout process, you’ll be offered
two or three discretionary additional items like probiotic nutrients, protein
bars, and extra shakes. What’s more, Nutrisystem FreshStart now offers a DNA
test kit to show you your metabolism. It also creates a blueprint for weight
reduction dependent on your DNA.

I don’t suggest any of these additional items at information exchange. This is because you can generally consider including them sometime in the not too distant future. Moreover, you may purchase a more affordable comparable at the drugstore. For this cost gauge, I’m not going to include any discretionary additional items.

Price of Nutrisystem FreshStart

All in all, what’s the complete monthly cost
of being on the Nutrisystem FreshStart diet? We should include the monthly
membership fees of the (women’s) Uniquely Yours plan + supplemental groceries +
occasional eating out to evaluate a total monthly cost:

  • Nutrisystem
    FreshStart plan
    : $335/month
  • Groceries:
    (supplemental food + 1 weekly homemade flex meal) $150/month
  • Dining
    : (One thrifty restaurant dinner for every week)

Include these things together, and your total
food cost on Nutrisystem FreshStart is about $18 every day, $125 every week,
$545 every month, and $6450 for a whole year.

That sounds like a ton of cash, and it is. In
any case, when you think about that every month the average American spends
$197 on groceries, in addition to $300 eating out at cafés. That implies being
on Nutrisystem FreshStart most likely expenses about what you are as of now
spending on food.

Also if you pursue the program, you may find
yourself spending less on alcoholic drinks and sweet bites. It should spare you
a great deal of cash every month!

Program Restrictions

Women who are pregnant, anyone who has chronic kidney disease or those who have certain sorts of allergies shouldn’t use Nutrisystem FreshStart. A portion of the FreshStart foods contains whey protein, which is a decent wellspring of protein. But, it may not be proper for some wellbeing conditions.

Youngsters under 14 years old shouldn’t utilize the plan. There are plans for individuals who are somewhere in the range of 14 to 17 years of age. Those with hypertension, high cholesterol or heart disease should have the option to utilize the FreshStart program. But, they should check with their doctor first.

Pros and Cons of the Program

Nutrisystem FreshStart program cuts both


Nutrisystem’s healthier, flawlessly portioned meals can enable you to burn body fat at the speed of somewhere in the range of 1 and 3 pounds per week. However, if you are exercising regularly, these advantages will be strengthened. The high-protein part of the diet plans is perfect for individuals effectively hoping to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.

The fact that Nutrisystem FreshStart likewise has plans explicitly for both vegans and those with diabetes is a favorable benefit. It also offers a diet plan to clients who already would experience difficulty finding solutions. Other diet plans, including Jenny Craig, don’t give a similar convenience as Nutrisystem FreshStart’s claim to specialty plans.

One specialty diet that Nutrisystem FreshStart
doesn’t presently offer is a plan for the individuals who are without gluten.
They don’t offer any gluten-free certified foods right now. But, they do offer
a few things that don’t contain gluten and can theoretically make a wheat-free
menu. The chance of cross-contamination is excessively high until they confirm
this with an official gluten-free verification. Those with other serious
hypersensitivities — or specific weight control plans for medicinal reasons —
ought to be aware of this too.


Nutrisystem FreshStart products incorporate
allergens, for example, egg, wheat, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. These allergens
may not be appropriate for individuals attempting to avoid any of these

Their products aren’t organic or non-GMO.

A diet of just 1,000 calories for every day may feel prohibitive and leave people hungry if this is all they’re consuming. It’s an especially low amount for the individuals who work out. Over-confinement of calories can be similarly as unhealthy as overeating. Moreover, finding a decent balance based on height, weight, and activity level is ideal.

Although the calories are restricted, the
quality of the ingredients is low. Nutrisystem FreshStart incorporates many
preservatives as well as processed and refined sugars. For those sensitive to
these, Nutrisystem FreshStart may not be a great choice.

Being on a program like this is likely not
manageable or reasonable in the long term.

Products Similar to FreshStart

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    Craig Rapid Results
  • Weight
    Watchers Freestyle
  • Noom

The Final Verdict

The Nutrisystem FreshStart diet is a famous weight-reduction plan with a reputation for success. It is also an advantageous and easy-to-follow program of heat-and-eat meals that offer variety and a balanced diet. However, the expense can be restrictive for a few.

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