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If you’re obese or overweight, chances are you’ve looked up “natural or organic” ways to lose weight on the internet before. The word “All-natural” is very appealing to people because it implies less or no side-effects. And in a world, where chemicals are prevalent in our lives along with their adverse effects, people are opting for chemical-free products.

While some people tend to dismiss
“natural remedies” as mere old-wives-tales, there is some truth to them. The
latest organic way to lose weight on the market is Turmeric Forskolin, a
dietary supplement. In this article, we’ll see how it works and is it really
worth all the buzz.

What exactly is Turmeric Forskolin?

Turmeric Forskolin is a dietary supplement, available in the form of pills, tablets or capsules. According to the claims, it is highly effective for losing weight fast. One of the reasons it has become so popular lately is that it has no side effects and delivers definite results. It is all-natural and made of only two ingredients, that is turmeric and forskolin.

Prior to this, there were a number of dietary supplements on the market that utilized turmeric and forskolin separately, for various health benefits. But this is the first instance where supplements include both herbs combined.

How does it help with weight loss?

According to the maker, turmeric forskolin burns fat and prevents the body from storing. In order to understand that, you first need to understand how or why we gain weight. When we consume more calories than what our body needs to operate, the body converts the extra calories and stores them as fat, mainly around your belly, thighs, and arms. Weight loss is as simple as shedding those extra fats. But it becomes complicated when we start restrictions our diet as the body’s metabolism gets upset. This, in turn, creates various other health problems.

What Turmeric Forskolin does, acts as a fat-blocker while burning calories simultaneously. It increases the fat reduction properties of the cells as well as the process of thermogenesis. In which, your body burns fats literally by accelerating metabolism and producing more heat.

Key Ingredients of Turmeric Forskolin

The key ingredients of this
dietary supplement are turmeric and forskolin. Both are herbs native to the
South Asian region and have been used in the Asian cuisine for hundreds of

Turmeric is a fairly known herb that is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids weight loss by preventing cells from multiplying. In addition to that, it also helps with regulating blood glucose levels and is good for people with diabetes.

Forskolin is less known than turmeric
but it also has a great number of nutritional and therapeutic uses. It is a
part of the mint family and helps regulate the metabolism of the body. It is
especially known to cure irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues.
Not to mention, it has a pleasant aroma that helps relieves stress and anxiety.

Is it safe to take?

Keeping in view that it is entirely made from natural ingredients, which have multiple health benefits, it is safe to take. However, it may react to other drugs therefore, people using any medicine for other medical disorder should not take it. Plus, it is not safe for adolescents, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

Keep in mind that overuse of everything is bad. If you start consuming it excessively, without eating a well-balanced diet, you’re bound to see no results. Moreover, it is better to incorporate the two key ingredients in your diet directly than using a supplement.

Benefits of Turmeric Forskolin

The benefits of turmeric foreskin
are many, such as:

  • It helps in weight loss and is an effective treatment for obesity.
  • It burns fats fast and keeps them from building up in the body.
  • Reduces your appetite, making you crave less junk food.
  • It also improves blood circulation and the overall metabolism of the body.
  • Helps regulates hormonal imbalance in the body, producing more testosterone and serotonin which relieves stress and improves mental health.
  • It also helps you sleep better.

Side Effects of Using Turmeric Forskolin

A number of people reported
experiencing certain side effects of using turmeric foreskin that you should
keep in mind.

  • It increases your heartbeat rate, leading to
    high blood pressure.
  • It can also increase the temperature of your
    body above what’s normal.
  • People who used it for a long time experienced
    more headaches and stinging in the eyes.
  • It is also linked with upper respiratory tract irritation,
    causing excessive coughing and pain while breathing.

What other health benefits can you get from Turmeric Forskolin?

Apart from the aiding weight loss, it has also been used for the treatment of various other health problems, such as asthma, cardiomyopathy, and glaucoma. Due to its properties to regulate blood circulation, it does help in heart-related diseases. The foreskin has prominently been used for lung diseases and asthma since old times. Additionally, it is also good for patients of diabetes as it improves the glucose level in blood and promotes the production of insulin.

What’s the appropriate Dosage?

No ideal dosage for turmeric
forskolin supplement is described yet. It varies according to the health
condition of the consumer. According to the maker, the general dosage is 2
capsules per day. Keep in mind that you should not use it for more than two
consecutive months. Also, consult with your doctor or dietitian about an
appropriate dosage for your body.

How Long should you use it?

Generally, people keep using this
supplement until they have achieved their ideal weight. If that happens within
two months, then well and great but it is not advised to continue the usage of
turmeric forskolin after two months consecutively. Try reducing the amount of
dosage to 1 pill per day in the third month.

Things to keep in mind while usage

Since turmeric forskolin
supplement is not completely without side effects, it is important that you use
it with caution. Here are some things to keep in mind while using it.

  • It does not substitute for exercise. Make sure to keep exercising regularly for faster weight gain.
  • Do not stop eating proper meals while taking this supplement as it’ll disrupt the metabolism of the body. Do avoid junk food and extra calories though.
  • It is not suitable for teenagers younger than 18 years old and pregnant women. Lactating mothers should consult with their doctors before using it.
  • It is equally helpful for male and females, although men show results faster than women. Don’t be discouraged about that!
  • Never self-medicate with turmeric forskolin. Although it does help with other health issues but cannot cure them as the treatment depends on the cause of the problem.
  • Always consult your doctor before using any kind of supplement, especially if you have a chronic illness or a pretty-existing disease.

Where to Buy?

There are a number of manufacturers who make turmeric forskolin supplements. You can also contact them through their official website and place an order. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for using this supplement that’s why it is easily available in the market. Moreover, you can also buy it from a pharmacy or drug store.


The final verdict is that turmeric forskolin supplement does help in weight loss. It is perhaps one of the best dietary supplements in the market. It has more benefits and fewer side effects. But do not overuse it and always make sure to consult your doctor.

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