Cosmic League

Cosmic League

Control cute girls and killer robots in 10vs10 action-packed online arena battles!

The very arena you fight in changes as the match progresses, requiring you to stay alert and change your tactics accordingly.

Though a multitude of varied civilizations exist, scattered throughout the galaxies, two in particular have garnered universal attention.

The first were the Humes, an organic species whose techology and adaptability have allowed them to prosper.

The other are robots who, despite being inorganic metallic lifeforms, possess similar values to Humes.

Their combined love for sports and combat have led to the foundation of the Cosmic League, a galactic-scale battle event.

The League draws participants from across the universe. The strongest of the strong test their mettle against each other.

Those who come to fight and those who come to cheer them on do so out of necessity.

What they desire is not wealth, nor is it fame.

The Cosmo Piece…a miraculous material capable of granting one’s heartfelt desire

  • To save her home
  • To bring her brother back
  • To find the reason she was brought into the world
  • To grant your wishes

And so begins a battle which must be won at all costs!

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